To privide high-end food & drink glassware as an ODM/OEM wholesale Manufacturer.

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  • The Artisan Coffee Shop
    The Artisan Coffee ShopMar 13,2024
    The Artisan Coffee Shop sought custom-designed high borosilicate glass coffee mugs reflecting their brand's quality. Anndooo collaborated closely, creating a unique, durable design meeting thermal stability requirements. The precision manufacturing process ensured functional and aesthetically pleasing mugs for daily use.
  • Luxury Hotel Chain
    Luxury Hotel ChainMar 13,2024
    Luxury Hotel Chain required elegant, durable glassware for in-room dining. Anndooo provided refined designs, swiftly produced and delivered for peak season demands.
  • Eco-Friendly Kitchenware Retailer
    Eco-Friendly Kitchenware RetailerMar 13,2024
    The Eco-Friendly Kitchenware Retailer sought sustainable, high borosilicate glass storage containers with airtight seals. Anndooo delivered a range of sizes featuring eco-friendly bamboo and silicone seals, aligning with sustainability goals and customer needs for food preservation. This case study highlights Anndooo's commitment to meeting client needs through collaborative design, robust manufacturing, and timely delivery.
  • International Beverage Brand
    International Beverage BrandMar 13,2024
    The International Beverage Brand aimed to launch high borosilicate drinking glasses branded with their logo for a marketing campaign. Anndooo's challenge was to incorporate the logo into the glass design while maintaining drink integrity. Their solution involved advanced laser etching on existing high-quality glasses, ensuring brand visibility without compromising glass quality or user experience.
  • Wine Glass Importer
    Wine Glass ImporterMar 13,2024
    The Wine Glass Importer responded to a boutique wine shop's need for elegant, lead-free wine glasses that align with their eco-friendly values. Anndooo introduced a collection of sophisticated, hand-blown wine glasses crafted from recycled glass. These glasses maintained finesse expected by wine connoisseurs while adhering to eco-conscious practices, blending elegance with environmental responsibility seamlessly.
  • Glass Pot Store
    Glass Pot StoreMar 13,2024
    The Glass Pot Store sought a stylish, eco-friendly glass pot for health-conscious consumers. Anndooo's high borosilicate glass pots met the challenge, providing a durable, heat-resistant option free from hazardous coatings. This solution catered to the client's need for green kitchen solutions seamlessly.
  • Glass Bottle Distributor
    Glass Bottle DistributorMar 13,2024
    The Glass Bottle Distributor responded to a startup juice company's need for reusable, sustainable glass bottles. Anndooo provided high-quality, customizable borosilicate glass bottles, ensuring durability and non-reactivity with the juices' flavors. These bottles aligned perfectly with the client's environmental ethos and customer expectations, minimizing their carbon footprint while supporting their branding efforts.
  • Glass Tea Set
    Glass Tea SetMar 13,2024
    The Glass Tea Set met the needs of an organic tea brand seeking an all-glass tea set to complement their premium loose-leaf teas and sustainability commitment. Anndooo crafted a bespoke tea set from borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and flavor integrity. The set's recyclable and chemical-free composition aligned perfectly with the brand's green philosophy, offering both functionality and eco-friendliness.
  • Glass Teaset for an Organic Tea Brand
    Glass Teaset for an Organic Tea BrandMar 13,2024
    The essay discusses the creation of a Glass Tea Set for an Organic Tea Brand, meeting their need for a sleek, eco-friendly option that complements their premium loose-leaf teas. Anndooo rose to the challenge by crafting a custom tea set from high-grade borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and flavor preservation. The minimalist design beautifully showcases the tea leaves while aligning with the brand's commitment to sustainability.
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