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Ready-Made Selection:Choose from over 1000 SKU options in our extensive product catalog designed to cater to diverse preferences. Opting for our ready-made products can save you the time and financial costs associated with designing blueprints, confirming designs, creating molds, sending samples, and approving prototypes – typically a 27-45 day process.
Full-Scale OEM Customization:For those seeking tailored solutions, we provide comprehensive OEM customization services. For more details on custom collaboration, please refer to the content displayed below.
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We Provide 3 Collaboration Models for Custom Glassware

These versatile options offer a comprehensive approach to meet various levels of customization needs, from simple logo additions to full-blown design development, ensuring every client can achieve their perfect glassware vision.All custom options have a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces, ensuring you start easily with your fantastic idea.
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Choose from Our Existing Products

Glass cups designed for high tempera"Select from our extensive range of ready-made glassware and customize it with your choice of colors, copy, decorations, logos, and packaging to it uniquely yours."

mal shock.

OEM glass cup design

Custom Production from Design Blueprints

Provide us with your design blueprints, and we will craft exclusive molds to produce your custom-designed glassware. Alongside your unique shape, incorporate any of our standard customization options for a fully personalized product.

Custom Cup Design

Custom Design from Initial Concepts

If you have an idea but no set design, we're here to bring it to life. After understanding your vision, we'll provide tailored design solutions to create a glassware series that perfectly captures your style.

OEM Glass Cup Design

Below are Glassware Customization Options that Anndooo Supported:

"Coordinated elegance – design a cohesive glassware series that elevates your entire product line."
Style Customization
Color Customization
Copy Customization
Decoration Customization
Holiday Style Customization
Religious Style Customization
Packaging Box Customization
Set Customization

Glassware Style Customization

Craft your signature look with our style customization – because your glassware should be as unique as your us
Glass style Customization
Glass style Customization
Glass style Customization

Glassware Color Customization

Infuse color into every sip – customize the hue to match your theme or logo for an impactful us
Glass cup color customization
Glass cup color customization
Glass cup color customization

Glassware Decoration Customization

Adorn to impress – add intricate decorations to your glassware that captivate attention and exude us
Glass cup decoration customization
Glass cup decoration customization
Glass cup decoration customization

Glassware Copy Customization

Say it with glass – etch your message into our glassware to resonate with your audience and elevate your us
Glass Cup copy customization
Glass Cup copy customization
Glass Cup copy customization

Glassware Packaging Box Customization

First impressions count – package your glassware in bespoke boxes that promise quality and provoke us
Glass cup package
Glass cup package
Glass cup package

Holiday Style Glassware Customization

Celebrate the season – tailor your glassware to holiday themes for festive flares that spark joy in every us
Glass cup holiday style
Glass cup holiday style
Glass cup holiday style

Regional Style Glassware Customization

Honor traditions – customize glassware to regional styles for meaningful pieces that resonate with cultural us
Regional glass cup
Regional glass cup
Regional glass cup

Glassware Set Customization

Complete experiences – create customized sets that cater to every aspect of enjoying fine beverages, from tasting to us
Glass Cup set
Glass Cup set
Glass Cup set

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Glassware Customization Timeliness and Cost

Customization Timeframe:After confirming your customization details with us, it takes 10-15 days to complete the creation of your. Depending on the complexity of the product customization, it will take another 10-20 days to manufacture the custom samples, which will then be delivered to your doorstep in about 7-10 days via express international shipping.
Customization Costs:Based on the customization specifics of the product, you will only need to bear a mold cost between $300 to $600 and a sample fee ranging from $300 to $500. We are able to provide you with 5-10 samples for your confirmation of the product style.
Minimum Order Quantity:We support a minimum order quantity of 1000 units to facilitate your rapid and diversified market entry.
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